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October Luncheon

Colton Stollenmaier President of Toastmaster & Author of ENOUGH! Stop Failing, Start Following Through. You can find it here:

The Three Pillars of CCoGM all build upon each other; building relationships, that build community, that build the Kingdom of God. And building anything requires action--consistent, dedicated action. ENOUGH! Stop Failing Start Following Through will provide you with the tools required to create consistency in whatever area you're working to build, whether it's your personal relationship with God; with friends, family, or the professional community; your business and ministry; or your gifts, talents, and knowledge. All of these things demand dedicated effort--consistent action--to achieve success.

In this presentation, speaker, trainer, and coach Colton Stollenmaier will provide you with a framework for developing habits and creating consistency in any area of your life‐‐the types of habits and the kind of consistency that lead to success. This framework covers behavioral science, motivation theory, self‐management, and mindset training. Turn those success practices into actual practices, not masterclasses in procrastination. Stop letting yourself down. Start succeeding. Stop failing. Start following through!